Jack Fabby shakedown at Oulton Park... His biggest challenge yet?

Jack Fabby is a name that many have heard up and down the country, since starting in Cadet Karts at the age of 10 to achieving a second in class in the Creventic 24 hr endurance series at Silverstone, Jack is not one to shy away from a challenge... And this may be his biggest yet!

Since Jack won the Michelin Clio Cup in 2016, his determination to get back on that top step has been relentless. Almost as relentless as his patience and faith that the future will be bright for the rising star. Jack isn't your normal racing driver either! Most aim for F1, Formula E or something else with the glitz and glamour associated with the "cutting edge" of motorsport. Jack knows, along with a select few that while these flashy championships are intense, commercial and technological hotbeds with some awe inspiring racing drivers and team, he prefers to follow in the footsteps of the indicators that lead from the shadows, the names that the people who "know" know. Where real innovation motivates and drives teams... Endurance racing!


What many don't know is that many of the technologies developed by mainstream manufacturers is developed in the dark, overnight stints of endurance racing, away from the mainstream TV and social media. And it's these championships that Jack has his focus firmly set on.  


But it's still just out of reach, which is where his challenges lie.


Fortunately for Jack, he works for the prestiged TIGA Race Cars with access to some very exotic and race winning cars. TIGA's head honcho Mike Newton has put his money where his mouth is and allowed Jack the privilege of using this CN Prototype car, the CN12b! With its very capable Honda K20 engine, some super trick suspension, all the aero as well as lashings and lashings of carbon fibre the CN12b is a monster of a machine capable of running rings around most of the cars you would see at many test days. In fact his recent trip to Oulton Park saw him flying round island bend at around 140mph!!



CN12b at Donnington park 2018.

CN12b at Donnington park 2018.

Jack has spent the winter working out the niggles after entering two races with the OSS Series in 2018. With support from MADE Motorsport, we all pulled together and managed to help jack achieve a second place at Donnington as well. It's always good to come home with silverware when you only really went to test the car out!

Dave Rutter, Jack Fabby and Alan Easton looking rather pleased with the CN12b and the trophies at a damp Donnington Park.

Dave Rutter, Jack Fabby and Alan Easton looking rather pleased with the CN12b and the trophies at a damp Donnington Park.

With the races completed and the car back in the workshop Jack has toiled away over drawings, sent emails and generally tweeted the car here and there... The results? Well, watch the video and see for yourself! 

 Jack said "Having spent the winter giving the CN12B a refresh and making some aero mods I was eager to shakedown the car at Oulton Park this week. With new brake pads & discs to bed in during the first session, getting out on track to blow away my own cobwebs was eagerly awaited.
A really good day with mixed wet/dry conditions made it just perfect for testing the car and ironing out any niggles ahead of our season start. A shame we aren't racing at Oulton in the CN12B as she was a dream to drive around this beautiful, challenging circuit.
A happy team & driver, we came away from Oulton with some impressive lap times and good data for our first race of 2019 "

Jack’s full post is here


Jacks YouTube channel can be found here.

Jacks first race this season is on May 25th and 26th at Snetterton race circuit, where he will face some stiff opposition from the other drivers who have all got a lot of experience in the series. With help from friends, family, TIGA , Advantage Motorsport and of course MADE Motorsport, Jack is aiming to win the class and prove to others that he is indeed deserving of more opportunities to get into the driving seat of LMP, GT or Prototype cars and will help these teams to deliver the top results they aim for. 


We are excited to see what this season will bring and we all ask that you show your support by following Jack on social media. If you can manage to help even further then please get in touch, the marketing streams that can be tapped in the kind of areas Jack will head in to are as wide and varied as the cars Jack is looking forward to driving.  


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