From a brief and vague phone call back in early March 2016...

“From a brief and vague phone call back in early March 2016, THE most amazing chapter opened up!”

Our foray into racing started with a brief phone call from Matt Browning, asking for some help in finding a car for Luke Browning Racing to enter into the Junior Saloon Car Championship for that season... 48 hours before the cars first time out on track we got the engine fired up and the car was almost ready to go.

What happened over the coming months was quite possibly the most amazing and stressful of my life so far!

With a rookie driver and a rookie team, I was fortunate enough to have a pile of knowledge about the little Citroen Saxo and being able to enlist the help of three great friends, coupled with a few friends of Matt we had a decent enough support network to enable Luke to finish the season with a top ten finish with numerous podiums and even a win at Brands Hatch!!

Luke moved on to the Ginetta's at the start of 2017 but undeterred I pressed on, determined to find and make a champion!

The 2017 season saw me make a lot of friends in and around the JSCC paddock, helping out many of the drivers over the season, most notably spending much of my time helping Dual racing. Brothers Sam and George Smith backed by dad Rob, put everything they could into developing the car and skills and as a team, we managed to get George into the top ten on a more regular basis. His highest finish being a 5th place... again, at Brands Hatch boosted George to an 8th place finish for that season.

The 2018 season saw a huge influx of new drivers to the championship. I had a brief stint supporting Ellie Brett Racing and Tony Rodriguez as a part of BBVR where we worked on Ellie's racecraft and assisted TJ with improvements and repairs to his car. Again, due to our expertise, coupled with TJ's dad's enthusiasm and his can-do attitude we managed to get both drivers lap times improving. Unfortunately, my time with them was cut short and while I managed to provide trackside assistance to Ben Kasperczak Racing, Owen Hizzey Racing and Kyle Nisbet Racing I was unable to secure a permanent position for the remainder of the season.

I have been talking to a few drivers over the past few weeks about the potential to support a driver full-time for the 2019 season. I won't name names but I hope that my passion and drive to produce a JSCC champion has shone through during these talks.

Despite my best efforts, I cannot manage to find a way to make everything balance out and therefore it is with great sadness that this season will be the last season that MADE Motorsport will be in the JSCC paddock.

I will miss all the friends and families I have become friends with this season and I wish you all the very best for your racing careers in the future. You all have the potential to become bright shining stars in the world of motorsport.

I do just want to briefly mention a couple of names... you don't have to read them but just for posterity, I'd like to say an extra special thank you to the following people:

Matt, Marie and Luke Browning, Sam Walters and Daniel Bradley - We wouldn't be MADE without you.

David and Michael Martin - Thank you for everything you have done for us so far... I'd have given up WAY before now if it wasn't for your encouragement.

Chris Hodgetts - For helping us to learn the language of racing and for a motivational speech at Croft that made me even more determined to push on.

Jake Sanson - For coming up with our tagline and the constant support.

Nicola Halliwell - Again... I would have given up a million times over if it wasn't for your support, love and immense levels of patience!!

SO... After all that soppy rubbish, what's next for #MADEMotorsport I hear you ask.

Don't you worry. We won't be closing our doors! We will be in paddocks across the country in 2019 and we'll be pushing on with a mix of projects.

We are never finished.

We are never quitting.

We are Motivated.

We are MADE Motorsport

We are Motivated About Driver Excellence!